Automobile Collision Checklist

Automobile Collision Checklist

I cannot recall where I found this Automobile Collision Checklist but it is a great document to print and put in your car in the event you have an automobile collision.  It is a great guide to what information you need to write down while everything is still fresh in your mind and is good to fill out regardless of fault.

Keep in mind a few other things:

1) Take any photographs of damage of the vehicles at the scene.  As soon as the vehicles are either towed or driven away, you may lose the opportunity to properly show the damage that occurred to the vehicles as a result of the automobile collision.

2) If you need medical attention, notify responding emergency personnel and either take an ambulance to the emergency room or notify the police you are taking private transport to the emergency room.  If you are not having any pain at the scene, avoid statements such as “I am fine”.  These statements are used against injured parties because they are typically made when the adrenaline from the automobile collision fades.

3) If there are any witnesses, make sure to get their contact information.  If they are willing to provide a statement to the police, have them do so at the scene to preserve their testimony and contact information.  Some witnesses are hesitant to get involved once they leave the scene of an automobile collision because they do not want to get involved.

Do not forget to print the  Automobile Collision Checklist and put it in your glove box.

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