Courts, Clean out Files, Real Cardinal

Courts, Clean out Files, Real Cardinal

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  • Courts Update
  • Clean Out Your Files & Help Out with COVID-19
  • The (Real) Cardinal Report

Courts Update

The Courts are still operating on a limited basis, dealing primarily with hearings on criminal and domestic (order of protection) cases.  If you have such a case, confirm with the court clerk to see whether your case is still ongoing and whether you need to appear in person.

While the courts are set to reopen in mid-May, they will still be limiting the number of people who can come in and will be practicing safe social distancing.  This week, I spoke to a clerk in St. Charles County and she said civil jury trials set for May and June have already been cancelled.  It may be entirely possible (and likely) that civil jury trials will be delayed even longer.  We are working hard on all the existing cases to get everything we can done before hearings resume.

Clean Out Your Files & Help Out with COVID-19

There are currently shortages of not only toilet paper, but also shipping boxes and other in-demand products which are made from recycled paper fiber.  Not all of us can pitch in by sewing masks or shopping for high-risk individuals, so this is an easy way to help while cleaning up the clutter in your house.  Most paper file retention policies for tax or important documents are a minimum of two (2) years and a maximum of seven (7) years.  You can also use a scanner or a service to scan in important documents and then put them on removable media (avoid putting sensitive information in the cloud).  If you have any recyclables, especially paper and cardboard, add them to your recycle bin or go to OneSTL for more information about where to drop off your recyclable materials.

The (Real) Cardinal Report

At this point in the year, I thought I would be talking about the St. Louis Cardinals, not a baby cardinal in our backyard, but happy to report something redbird related.  This baby fell out of the nest or tried to fly too early because it was in our backyard and almost became a snack for the cat.  It slowly worked its way up our fence and then into a small, ornamental tree where we saw its mom and dad stop by for feedings.  Luckily, we eventually saw the baby take flight and land high on a nearby tree branch.  It was exciting watching the baby progress from helpless chick to a bird in flight.  Hopefully our little Fredbird will come back to visit and eat from our bird feeders!

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