Courts Update, Resources and Send Good News

Courts Update, Resources and Send Good News

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Courts Update

Courts resumed in person hearings.  This is both good and frightening news because, while I want cases to start moving forward again, the threat of COVID-19 is still present.  I recently went to the Perry County courthouse and, other than taking my temperature, there was no real observance of safety measures.  I had on my mask, used my own pen and kept a distance from everyone, but I learned shortly after Perry County has a confirmed second wave of infections.  We are still practicing social distancing measures in the office and hope to remain COVID-19 free.

Resources During this Period

We are all grappling with tough issues that impact many people in this country.  While I have my own thoughts, I recognize this is a time when opinions may be viewed from the lens of partisanship and whether an individual is directly impacted.  I feel I can best help by providing resources rather than judgment or opinions.  Washington University compiled a good community resource guide for topics ranging from resources on grief & traumaresources on community protest & unrestresources on policingresources on rights and many others.  I urge you to check out these resources, especially on your rights if you plan on getting involved in any capacity.

Resources During this Period

There has not been much good news the last few months, however, I enjoyed watching these “Some Good News” segments from John Krasinski. He compiled several feel good stories from around the world while raising money for charity or otherwise brightening people’s day. I would love to hear from you about some good things that happened during the last few months, even if it’s as simple as having time to watch your favorite daytime TV show. Everyone who writes us back will be entered into a drawing to receive an Amazon gift card with which you may or may not use to buy toilet paper.

Send Us Good News

Thank you for all the wonderful stories sent in as a response to the last newsletter.  I really enjoyed hearing about good news or attempts to look at the bright side during this period.  Below are some of the best responses, as decided by staff.  Three lucky winners will receive a $25 gift card to Amazon.

1) During this period, I appreciate the little things, like getting up even earlier to enjoy my coffee and alone time.  My family is literally always around. – J.D.
2) The John Krazinski video gave me a big boost of energy.  There is hope for mankind! – S.R.
3) Long walks through the neighborhood (our neighbors set up fairy houses under trees throughout the neighborhood for kids to look at on walks and it’s magical!) – A.S.Share the Love

Thank you very much to everyone who already left a review, we appreciate it!  If you have not left one and have some kind words, I would appreciate the time.
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