Crash Checklist

Crash Checklist

Please print out the Crash Checklist and add it to your glovebox.  It is important to gather this information at the scene, including taking photographs of vehicles, the scene (including skid marks) and identifying information regarding the other driver.  Once you leave the scene, it is difficult to obtain this information, hence the importance of getting it while at the scene.

If you are injured, documentation is important.  Call 911 and ask a police officer to come to the scene so statements can be obtained, diagrams can be drawn and your injuries can be documented.  If you are hurt, ask for an ambulance to respond and go to the emergency room.  This not only ensures you get proper medical treatment but it also documents your injuries in case you make a claim for injuries.

If you are able, it is also important to get identifying information, such as the information for the other driver, the police officer and witnesses.

If you have any other questions about what to do at the scene or about the crash checklist, please reach out to us directly.


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