Dash Cam, New YouTube Videos, Memorial Day, Ticks

Dash Cam, New YouTube Videos, Memorial Day, Ticks

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  • Dash Cam – Is It Worth It?
  • New YouTube Videos
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Dash Cam – Worth it?

For the longest time, I wanted a dash cam for my car in case I was involved in a wreck. I finally received one as a present and it has been collecting dust in its original packaging. I have just been too lazy to take the time to set it up but I recently started thinking, would it be worth it? In a prior newsletter, I discussed how it appears drivers post-COVID forgot how to drive properly. Whether it is rust or distractions (phones, in-car gadgets or children), the number of close calls I have had over the last few months seems much higher than before the pandemic.

If you can put up with setting up (and taking down the dash cam each time if you park on the street), I believe it is worth it. Through the years, there have been plenty of cases we had to turn down because we could not determine liability with enough certainty. Some common examples include an intersectional crash where the other driver turns left in front of a driver or one where the other driver is supposed to stop at a stop sign and does not. In these situations, a dash cam could have verified what actually happened. The footage can also be used to catch a hit and run driver, as there has been a steady uptick of uninsured drivers on the road. It could even be used to prove you may not have been speeding, although based on this prior newsletter entry, it may be too costly even then to prove your innocence versus just paying the speeding fine.

I guess it is time to pull that gift out of the closet and start putting it to good use.

More Videos on our YouTube Channel

I finally had the opportunity to make more videos for the Firm’s YouTube channel. This new set is a great resource for clients in a personal injury case because it outlines frequently asked questions and provides a roadmap for various stages of a case. As a bonus, the information is provided in a succinct video which is a huge plus since many of my clients probably think I am longwinded on the phone (ha!).

For active clients, we will begin emailing/texting the pertinent video for your stage of the case. If you are not an active client but miss us, feel free to watch some of the videos on our YouTube channel and hit the like button if you are so inclined. I really appreciate anyone willing to help us grow.

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