Deer, Vexatious, Seattle

Deer, Vexatious, Seattle

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  • Don’t Veer for Deer
  • What to Do if Insurance Does Not Pay
  • Teaching in Seattle

Don’t Veer for Deer

Hunting season is upon us and it is worth remembering that deer (and other animals) pose a serious danger on roadways.  According to State Farm, “Missouri is a high-risk state for animal collisions.”  Missouri was ranked 15th and Illinois 34th.

The Missouri Department of Transportation posted several highway signs advising drivers not to veer away from deer.  Statistics show that hitting a deer directly often results in less injury or damage than veering into other vehicles, oncoming traffic or off the road.  Deer are most active during dusk and dawn, so be extra vigilant during those hours.  Keep in mind deer travel in a herd, so if you see one, be careful to watch for more along the roadway.

If you hit a deer, liability coverage will not cover the damage to your vehicle.  Only a comprehensive (full) coverage policy will cover your property damage in this type of case.  If you are injured, you may have medical or injury coverage available depending on what is listed in your policy.  Contact us to find out if your coverage will cover you.

What to Do if Insurance Does Not Pay

Insurance coverage exists for all sorts of things and, as consumers, we purchase this insurance for protection.  But what do you do when the insurance company fails to honor their coverage agreement?  I recently read about a case where a woman paid for insurance coverage at a public storage facility.  Her items were stolen, so she made a claim under the insurance policy.  The insurance company refused to pay the full amount of the claim, instead offering about 80% to satisfy the claim.  She sued the insurance company and ended up receiving many times more than she would have received had the insurance company properly paid her claim.  It turns out the insurance company was intentionally shortchanging this woman and many other customers, just to save a few dollars.

What is the takeaway from this story?  Whether you have a homeowners, auto, or any other type of insurance claim, if you feel the insurance company is not treating you right or is not offering you the proper amount for your claim, it may be worth consulting with a lawyer to determine if the insurance company may be liable for vexatious refusal to pay.  Unfortunately, these claims against insurance companies happen all the time.  When you pay for insurance coverage, you expect the insurance company to hold up their end of the bargain because they had no problem taking in your insurance premiums.  If you need to make an insurance claim for any reason, please contact our firm for advice!

Teaching in Seattle

Last month, I taught a group of attorneys trial strategies for presenting their client’s injuries. I loved teaching, which felt like being in front of a jury. It was my first time visiting Seattle and it lived up to its cold, cloudy and rainy reputation, which was not helpful since I forgot my rain jacket at home. The fresh seafood and sights at Pike Place Market almost made up for the weather. Seafood is definitely better on the coasts!

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