Drink and Drive

Drink and Drive

Don’t even think about it! In December, there are no shortage of holiday parties and the inclination is to drink and drive because it may seem convenient. I’ll say it again, don’t even think about it! Take an Uber, Lyft, cab, bum a ride or make other arrangements.

From a public safety perspective, if you drink and drive, you could hurt yourself or someone else. When you drink and drive, you threaten all our lives.

From a personal injury perspective, if a driver injures someone and drugs or alcohol are involved, the driver could be putting his or her personal assets at risk. Typically, a good personal injury lawyer will seek punitive damages, which are meant to punish an individual and deter bad conduct. A verdict at trial could be in excess of the driver’s insurance coverage. If the jury assesses punitive damages, they cannot be discharged in bankruptcy, which could put a person’s entire life savings and future earnings at risk.

From a criminal case perspective, if you drink and drive get a DWI, the potential consequences could include losing your license, incurring hundreds or thousands of dollars in fines and attorney’s fees, completing community service and a victim impact panel class.

It is not worth it, so don’t even think about drinking and driving! Be safe, especially during this holiday season.

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