Earth Day, Wreck with family, Cards

Earth Day, Wreck with family, Cards

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In this issue:

  • Earth Day Recycling Extravaganza
  • I was in the car with a friend or family member who caused a crash, what do I do?
  • Cardinals Baseball is Back!

Earth Day Recycling Extravaganza on 4/7

It is that time of year again – spring cleaning!  The Recycling Extravaganza will be happening on Sunday, April 7 from 10-1:30 at St. Louis Community College at Forest Park (5600 Oakland Ave, St. Louis 63110) this year.  This is a terrific opportunity to get rid of unwanted items in an environmentally friendly way.

For more information regarding what items can be recycled, go to the Earth Day Recycling Extravaganza website.  A sample of the items that can be recycled:

  • Paper shredding, along with hard drives
  • Electronics with a cord (some exceptions/fees)
  • Medication
  • Shoes
  • CFL light bulbs
  • Wine corks
  • Art supplies
  • Habitat for Humanity: light fixtures, appliances, tile, hardwood flooring, hardware, tools, plumbing materials, bathroom accessories-towel bars/rings, shower caddies, waste baskets, paneled doors

We will be using this opportunity to clean up our house and office.  Hope to see you at the event!

I was a passenger in a car with a friend or family member who caused a crash, what do I do?

Nothing if there are no injuries.  The two drivers should exchange insurance information and consider calling the police for a report.  If the crash was more than just a fender bender, the police should be called and a report made.  This is for everyone’s protection and to ensure an accurate summary of what occurred.

If you were injured, however, you will probably need to file a claim against your driver’s insurance.  It is not a pleasant situation, but you may not have many options if you get injured, incur medical bills and miss time from work.  Remember, your claim is against the driver’s insurance company, not the person you know.  If the driver caused property damage to the other vehicle, a claim will be open anyway.  Insurance companies typically treat this as one event and once they pay out anything on a claim, the harm is already done to the driver’s insurance for purposes of increasing their rates.  Therefore, it does not matter if there is only a property damage claim or a property damage plus injuries, there should be the same level of impact to the driver’s insurance rates.  Lastly, you may not have a choice.  Sometimes, medical bills from crash injuries can be several thousand or more dollars out of pocket.  Ultimately, the person you know probably prefers you get the care you need and get the bills paid.  That is precisely why we buy insurance.  It can be important in these events to look past the hard feelings and be practical.

Cardinals Baseball is Back!

It is almost opening day in St. Louis and Cardinals fever is back!  While our Redbirds had a tough opening series in Milwaukee, remember, it is early.  The National League Central division looks tough this year so plan on this one coming down to the wire.  Let’s hope the Cardinals can start stringing some wins together and remain healthy.  See you at the ballpark!

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