ERISA, Hand Sanitizer, Wood Splitting

ERISA, Hand Sanitizer, Wood Splitting

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  • What is an ERISA Insurance Dispute?
  • Do Hand Sanitizers Prevent Disease?
  • Weekend Wood Splitting

What is an ERISA Insurance Dispute?

ERISA is a federal law that protects employee pensions and welfare funds that are in an employer sponsored plan.  Examples of benefits include disability, accidental death, and life insurance benefits.  But what happens if a person is entitled to benefits but gets wrongfully denied by an insurance company?  The person is forced to pursue a dispute against the insurance company in federal court under a very specialized area of the law.  These types of denials are not limited to just ERISA plans.  In fact, insurance companies routinely err on the side of denying claims, knowing that it is much more difficult for the person to prove their claim once it is denied.  They also rely on a person getting fed up and then giving up the fight.  If you, or anyone you know, is wrongfully denied for any insurance benefits, call our office for a free consultation.

Do Hand Sanitizers Prevent Disease?

As the fears of the Coronavirus/Covid-19 continue to spread, experts continue to tell us the importance of washing our hands and not touching our face. But some people use Purell hand sanitizer as an alternative, thinking it also helps prevent disease.  But do hand sanitizers like Purell help prevent diseases such as the flu?  Not according to the FDA, who warned the company about making claims it reduces illness when there are no scientific studies to confirm the truth of these claims.  A federal class action lawsuit was filed against the makers of Purell claiming they have been misleading the public about the effectiveness of its disease prevention.  I anticipate this case will end up going to trial, with experts from both sides battling it out to decide if consumers were mislead.  Any additional information, including potential risks or how to make a claim, will be added to the website blog.

Weekend Wood Splitting

Once a year, my wife and I go the the country to help my in-laws split wood.  We started with giant oak tree sections and, after back-breaking labor to which this city-slicker is unaccustomed, we ended up with these wonderful piles, along with a truck full for our fireplace in the city.  With these 60 degree days, however, we may not need the comfort of an indoor fire for much longer!

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