Firm Update, Defensive Driving, Mother’s Day

Firm Update, Defensive Driving, Mother’s Day

May 2022 Newsletter

Rana Law Group Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Firm Update – Texting & Ellie
  • Defensive Driving
  • Mother’s Day Weekend

Firm Updates

Texting is Back On-Line
I want to apologize for the interruption in our texting services that occurred at the end of April.  Our former phone service suddenly changed the texting portion of our plan, limiting it to 100 per month.  We have since switched providers and texting is back on.  Thank you for understanding and, if you sent a text message to which we did not respond, please send the text again.  Also, we are slowly adding peoples’ names to our caller ID – do not be offended if we do not recognize your voice right away.  I know we spoil everyone with our “Hello, Mr./Ms. ____” greetings but, and I hate to pull the curtain back a bit here, we cheat by saving your number.  Thank you again for your patience!

Ellie Graduates Law School
A little update for anyone who remembers our prior legal assistant, Ellie.  We are proud to inform you she will be graduating from SIUE School of Law this month.  The last three years really flew by!  Please join us in congratulating Ellie as she continues on what will undoubtedly be a successful legal career.

Defensive Driving
My wife and I took a trip to visit my mother-in-law for Mother’s Day (see below) but, as we were traveling, I noticed some truly bad driving which reminded me of the importance of defensive driving.  While someone who gets hit by another driver is legally able to pursue a case against the other driver who caused the crash, it is better not to get in the crash to begin with by assuming other drivers will make a mistake or ignore traffic safety rules.  We see this most frequently in cases where our clients are going straight through an intersection and the other driver turns left in front of them.  It is best to ease off the accelerator and watch the on-coming traffic, just in case.I recently came across this exact issue with my father.  He was hit by a woman improperly cutting across 4 lanes of traffic from one parking lot to another.  They assessed him with 20% fault for the collision, arguing he should have seen the person cutting across traffic and slowed to avoid the crash.  That sounds absurd and he insists he had no time to react but insurance companies are looking to put comparative fault on a person if they are able because it saves them money.  In the example with my dad, that means the insurance company for the other driver will argue they are only responsible for 80% of  the property damage to the car and 80% of the bodily injury portion of his claim.  In this scenario, I advised my dad to go through his own insurance for the property damage and pay his deductible and let me deal with the injury portion (having a son who does injury work has to come in handy at some point, right?).  This allows his insurance to pay out on the property damage and go get the property damage directly from the at-fault driver’s insurance company (called subrogation).

Sometimes, I have clients who do not have full coverage or who fear their insurance rates may go up, which can put the person in a bind because they cannot fully resolve the property damage with the at-fault person’s insurance, especially if they have a loan on the vehicle.  Insurance companies know this and use this as leverage to get people to settle their claims quickly and cheaply, knowing that some people may not be able to absorb the impact of not having a vehicle, which in turn potentially impacts their ability to get to work or seek medical treatment.

In general, remember to drive defensively but, when it is not your fault and you still get in a collision, please call us for a free consultation.

Mother’s Day Weekend
Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend.  It was nice to finally see the sun again after all that rain.  We visited the Finley River to witness some of the flooding that hit the area (photo on the left).  What is usually a calm spillway turned into a raging torrent.  Another highlight included seeing rose-breasted grosbeaks and Baltimore oriels at the feeders (photo on the right).  These birds pass through Missouri on their way to the Northeast.  My mother passed away in 2018 but she loved bird watching and was always looking out the window to see which birds were at her feeders.  Seeing these rare birds made me think of her and I imagined she was there enjoying watching them with us.  While it was a great weekend, rounded out with BBQ pork steaks and strawberry pie, we are back to work preparing for the next trial coming up in early June.

Case Referrals  

From time to time, clients call and ask which type of cases we handle.  My practice is built on referrals from satisfied clients.  I know that if I work hard and do a good job for my clients, they will tell their friends about me.  The best compliment from a former client is that client entrusting me with the potential case of their friends and family.  Our office specializes in the following cases:

  1. Personal Injury (auto collisions, trucking, motorcycle, slip and fall)
  2. Work Injuries
  3. Traffic tickets and DUI/DWI

If you know someone that meets these criteria, please have them call my office.  If someone does not quite fit the above criteria, please still have the prospective referral give me a call as I can usually help them find the right attorney via a referral.

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