Following an Ambulance, Medicaid & Bacon Ice Cream

Following an Ambulance, Medicaid & Bacon Ice Cream

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  • Following an Ambulance During an Emergency
  • Medicaid Expansion Sign Up
  • Lion’s Choice Bacon Ice Cream / Labor Day!

Following an Ambulance During an Emergency

Tarun recently read an article from an EMT full of valuable advice on what to do when someone is taken by an ambulance.  Unfortunately, the EMT saw too many accidents or close calls from family members directly following the ambulance to the hospital.  What people sometimes forget in their panicked state is emergency vehicles have special privileges when responding to an emergency but those privilege do not extend to a car following an emergency vehicle.  Understandably, someone rushing to the hospital may not be in the best mindset and tunnel vision could cause them to follow the ambulance through a red light or rear-end the ambulance if it makes a sudden stop.  While it may be tempting follow to be with your loved one as quickly as possible, remember, he or she is in professional hands.  Moreover, injuring yourself in the process will only compound a family emergency, which does not help anyone.

According to the EMT, the best course of action is to watch the ambulance leave (after confirming where it is heading), take a breath, gather your thoughts for a minute or two and then pack a hospital bag in the event you or your loved one will be there overnight.  This serves the dual purpose of clearing your head while ensuring you have essential items that may be needed.  While not exhaustive, this list is a good start on what to pack:

  • sweatshirt/sweat pants (hospitals are very cold)
  • phones AND chargers (critically important to keep others updated once you are there)
  • toiletries (including lip balm – hospitals are very dry)
  • hearing aids, glasses, contact lens/solution (look around the bathroom for the morning routine items)
  • Patient’s ID & health insurance card
  • Patient’s medication list
  • Snacks
Another good idea is to pre-fill out the ambulance passport we found online and keep it in your wallet/purse.  It has essential information for medical personnel which could save your life!

Medicaid Expansion Sign-Up Opportunity

This Friday, September 10, Legal Services of Eastern Missouri is hosting a free Medicaid Expansion Application Clinic. Under the expansion, individuals who earn up to $18,000 a year or families of four who earn up to $36,000 a year are now eligible for benefits. The clinic runs from 8AM to 11AM at Deaconess Center for Child Wellbeing. If you or someone you know plans on attending, bring the following information/ documentation:

Name, date of birth and social security number
Proof of household income
Proof of immigration status for non-citizens

Lion’s Choice Bacon Ice Cream / Labor Day!

At Rana Law Group, we all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Tarun was unable to camp at Table Rock Lake this year since the campsites were all booked up by people looking to get outside. Not to worry because he moved the annual “Camp Endos” (End of Summer) camping trip up a few weeks so he could still tent camp at Table Rock Lake, while keeping alive a nine year tradition. He still spent plenty of time outside in the sun and enjoying the water! Sarah spent time with her family and even had a chance to go ballooning! Below are pictures from the office pre-Labor Day celebration where we tried the Lion’s Choice collaboration with Crown Candy Kitchen, the “Heart Stopping Bacon Concrete”. It was AMAZING and extra crunchy! If this sounds even remotely enticing, get to Lion’s Choice by September 13 to try it out!

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