Happy 7-4, Changes, Right to Work, Floating

Happy 7-4, Changes, Right to Work, Floating

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Law Offices of Tarun B. Rana Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Changes at the law office
  • Voting/Right to Work
  • Just for Fun: Meramec River

Changes at the Law Office

We have wonderful news. The Law Offices of Tarun B. Rana just celebrated its six year anniversary. Our firm has been growing steadily and we are finally at the point where we are adding more employees.

Within the last year, we added Brittany to help manage the business side of the firm. She brings a background in finance and marketing. She handles the marketing for the firm (including this wonderful newsletter), oversight of cases and all the bookkeeping. Welcome Brittany!

We also added on a new, full-time legal assistant. She is an immensely talented and outgoing personality who will fit in perfectly with the firm culture. Check out the next newsletter for an in-depth spotlight on her.

The firm also hires legal clerks throughout the year. Our current clerk Branka is studying for the Missouri Bar Exam. She will go into JAG once she passes the Bar Exam. We wish her success!

And lastly, unfortunately Bridget is no longer with the firm. We appreciate her last four and a half years of service. She was instrumental at building up the firm and providing support during the early stages. She will be missed by everyone here and, I suspect, many of you who had the pleasure of working directly with her. Thank you Bridget!

Right To Work Vote Moved To August Primaries

While many people in Missouri vote in the November, few take the time to vote in other elections such as the August primaries which typically have more impact on the local level. This year, the August primary will be held on Tuesday, August 7, 2018.

You have no doubt seen the many yard signs stating “Vote No on Prop A”. In fact, we have yet to see one that states “Vote Yes on Prop A”. Opponents of “Right to Work” collected enough signatures to put the highly controversial law for a vote of the people. It is important for people to get informed about right to work and let their voices be heard.

Q: What is Right to Work?

A: Right to Work laws generally state a person shall not be denied employment based on whether or not the person joins a labor union. Thus, an employee can receive all of the benefits a union provides without having to join the union and pay union dues. Those benefits include competitive wages and employment protections. As less people join a union, the union has less power, money and influence to organize and become a political force against the employer.

Q: Why does this impact me?

A: Right to Work is a pro-business law which typically reduces wages for all workers and strips them of necessary protections. Let me be clear – if you run a business, this law is likely good for you. If, however, you do not and are either a salary or hourly employee, this law will likely harm you. The example I typically use is one provided to me by my wife’s stepfather. He worked at a big hospital in St. Louis and remembers making less than $10 per hour. As soon as a union came in, their wages increased to over $13 per hour, despite not joining the union. The mere threat of a union made the hospital pay a decent, competitive wage. Without the protections provided by the union, the hospital had little incentive to provide a fair wage and instead could take in more profits.

Q: How do I register to vote?

A: If you are not already registered to vote, you must register by July 11, 2018 to vote in the August 7, 2018 primaries this year. For the November 6, 2018 general election, you must be registered to vote by October 10, 2018. The current election calendar is located here. If you still need to register, please go here.

Just for Fun: Floating the Meramec River

Summer is one of my favorite times of the year. My wife and I try to spend almost every weekend either hiking, swimming or camping. A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to kayak the Meramec River from the Sappington Bridge Access to Meramec State Park. While I have floated this river many times on the weekend, I can honestly say it is a different experience on a weekday. We had the river to ourselves for most of the float and were able to spot plenty of wildlife along the way. It was very relaxing and a short drive from St. Louis. More information on booking a float through the state park can be found by visiting www.meramecpark.com and choosing “floating” from the activities menu.

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