Health Ins, Rana Law, Holidays

Health Ins, Rana Law, Holidays

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  • New Name – Rana Law Group
  • Importance of Health Insurance in Injury Cases
  • Happy Holidays

New Name – Rana Law Group

We are excited to announce The Law Offices of Tarun B. Rana is now Rana Law Group!  It would not be possible without all your wonderful support!

Starting in January, this newsletter will be sent from so please add it to your address book to avoid it filtering to spam.  Our phone, address and fax will remain the same but the website is now  Stay tuned for additional updates to the website in the coming months.

Importance of Health Insurance in Injury Cases

In general, health insurance is important to have but its value in injury cases is immense.  In personal injury cases (automobile, dog bite and slip & fall type cases), if someone is hurt and another person is liable, the at-fault person does not pay for the injured person’s medical care as it is incurred.  Rather, the injured person is responsible for getting their medical care, potentially paying for it upfront and then makes a claim for all their damages at the end of the claim.  In a workmen’s compensation case, as long as the case is accepted, the employer/insurance company will provide medical care.  If, however, the case becomes disputed or the injured employee wants a second opinion, he or she is responsible for their own medical care at their own expense.

It is difficult to be seen by a healthcare provider when they hear the treatment is for an injury case, however, it is even more difficult seeking medical care without health insurance.  If you already have health insurance, fantastic.  If, however, you do not have health insurance, is still doing open enrollment through December 15.  As a small business owner, it is too expensive for me to get a group plan so I purchase my own health insurance through the government exchange and have been very happy with the coverage.  The other good thing about the plans on the government exchange is that the premiums may be reduced based on your family’s income.  Check here to see if you can get health insurance coverage at a reduced rate.

Happy Holidays!

We hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! Tarun had the opportunity to smoke a small turkey which turned out great. Whether you had the opportunity to celebrate in person or via Zoom, everyone at the Rana Law Group hopes you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Wishing you a safe and joyous holiday season!

Please note our office will be observing the Christmas and New Year holidays according to the holiday shortened hours listed below.

Thursday, 12/24 – The office will close at 4 p.m.
Friday, 12/25 – The office will be closed all day.
Thursday, 12/31 – The office will close at 4 p.m.
Friday, 1/1 – The office will be closed all day.

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