Here Are 3 Text Messages That Never Should Have Been Sent

Here Are 3 Text Messages That Never Should Have Been Sent

My wife thinks public service announcements (PSA) for littering are going to come back because this current generation of kids can frequently be seen littering.  I personally think there will be other PSAs – ones for eating healthier (fruits and veggies mostly and getting rid of processed foods with added sugar) and not smoking (they are currently running these now but I am seeing an uptick in younger kids smoking again).  Another set of PSA will include not driving and using a phone.  Crashes are occurring more frequently as a result of distracted driving from use of a cell phone.  The website Upworthy has three highly effective commercials on their website regarding not texting and driving – check them out HERE.

In personal injury cases, one of the first questions asked by attorneys representing the injured party or representing the at fault party is whether the at-fault party was doing something on their phone.  This includes texting, emailing, surfing on the web or even speaking on the phone.  There is voluminous data  confirming that being on the phone for even a few seconds can completely divert your attention.  This is especially dangerous when in a highly dangerous metal weapon that weigh a ton.  When driving, just put your phone down and focus on driving.

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