Insurance Company Monitor, Alternatives to Pain Medications

Insurance Company Monitor, Alternatives to Pain Medications

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  • Should I let my insurance company monitor my driving?
  •  Missouri Embracing Alternatives to Pain Medications
  • Our Spring Garden

Should I let my insurance company monitor my driving?

Allstate recently introduced a phone app called DriveWise which gathers data about how you drive, including whether you frequently exceed the speed limit, drive late at night or if you accelerate or brake quickly. This data can be used to give customers a discount for being good drivers. Allstate is not the only insurance company tracking customer driving. Progressive has a device called ‘Snapshot’ and State Farm has a program called ‘Drive Safe and Save’.

While these insurance companies promise a discount, the fear is they may use this information as an opportunity to deny insurance coverage or to raise insurance rates. In fact, online feedback from many Snapshot users saw an increase in rates after using the device in their vehicles.

People are inclined to think they are much better drivers than they are, so while a discount may seem like a good idea, carefully weigh the risks vs. the rewards if you agree to use one of these monitoring devices.

Missouri Embracing Alternatives to Pain Medications

As of April 1, 2019, Missouri Medicaid implemented statewide health and alternative therapy services for chronic pain management. Read the full bulletin here. Per the website, “[e]vidence has shown that utilization of complementary and alternative therapies for chronic pain management leads to better health outcomes in the adult population.” Covered benefits have been expanded to include physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture and cognitive behavioral health. While this applies only to Medicaid members, I hope to see traditional health insurance plans also embrace alternatives to pain medications.

Our Spring Garden

This year, because we started seedlings indoors, we were able to get our garden planted early. With all the rain last week, the growth exploded. We hope to have plenty of fresh herbs and vegetables to use throughout the summer. Now if only the lemongrass we planted would keep those pesky mosquitoes away, I would be thrilled!

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