Missouri Courts Limited Access because of COVID-19

Missouri Courts Limited Access because of COVID-19

The Missouri Supreme Court issued an order suspending all in-person hearings in appellate and circuit courts WITH THE EXCEPTION OF critical matters* as a result of COVID-19.  The suspension is in effect from at least March 17 through April 3 and possibly longer.

COVID-19 is hitting all aspects of life for people and the Courts are no exception.  Important court hearings, trials, and other matters are postponed, which will cause a delay in prosecuting cases.  We currently have a jury trial scheduled for April 13, which is right after the court ordered suspension.  We are preparing for the real possibility this case will be delayed, which is unfortunate because our client has been waiting since 2015 for her day in court.  That being said, everyone will ultimately agree it is more important to be safe in these circumstances.

We hope everyone remains safe during this difficult time.

*Critical matters are defined as some criminal cases, emergency matters, restraining orders and matters directly relating to COVID-19 as a public health emergency.

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