Sarah, Medical Bills, Trial Verdicts

Sarah, Medical Bills, Trial Verdicts

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Meet Sarah

We are excited to officially welcome Sarah to our team at the Law Offices of Tarun B. Rana!  Some of you have already met Sarah over the phone or in person.  She has been with us for three weeks now and she is learning quickly.  Sarah is married with two wonderful little girls.  She is actively involved in her children’s PTO and Girl Scout troop.  In her spare time, Sarah loves riding in hot air balloons and is working towards her pilot’s license.  We are confident her skills will be a tremendous asset to our firm and will benefit all of you.  Welcome Sarah!

Surprise Medical Bills

I came across this article about medical billing and thought it did a really nice job highlighting the uncertainty of getting medical care.  The woman in the article went to the hospital for some ultrasounds and was charged $2,758.  She had health insurance, which has a contractual agreement with the hospital to receive a $1,000 discount on the services.  The health insurance then paid $500 and the woman was left with an out of pocket balance of $1,239.  She later found out that, had she went in as a self-pay (no insurance) patient, her total bill would have only been $500.

Ultimately, price transparency for medical services and prescription medication is coming.  The demand and outrage on both sides of the political aisle is too great.  Until then, however, I recommend consulting websites like Healthcare Bluebook, which allows consumers to search for the average cost of medical procedures.  Certainly in emergency situations you are not going to stop and research the price of services but in situations where you know you need medical care, it may be more economical to research beforehand to find out the best option.  This may include contacting the medical provider for quotes of procedures with and without insurance.  I hope this information is helpful the next time you need medical services.

Just for Fun: Trial Verdicts

July did not contain much other than working on two different trials, but I am happy to report we obtained two great verdicts totaling more than a million dollars combined. As with all verdicts where we do “too well”, there is always the risk of post-trial motions and appeals, but it felt good having two different juries validate two deserving clients’ injuries.  Jury trials are difficult because juries tend to be very skeptical of personal injury cases, but we were fortunate to have two juries that took their job seriously, listened closely to the evidence and rendered fair verdicts for our clients.  The real benefit of doing a good job on these trials is that other insurance companies take note of our success and are more inclined to offer our clients a fair settlement in the hope of avoiding an unknown jury verdict.  Both of these verdicts help our current and future clients.  That being said, I want to thank all of my clients for their patience while I prepared for and completed these trials.  Now, back to work!

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