Shrimp Boil Foil Packets Recipe

Shrimp Boil Foil Packets Recipe

I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. As many of you know, my wife and I enjoy the outdoors. We visited one of our favorite lakes – Table Rock Lake near Branson. I wanted to share the recipe for a campfire meal we made of shrimp boil foil packets which was easy and delicious.

shrimp boil packet

Shrimp Boil Foil Packet Recipe

Place the corn and chopped potatoes in one foil packet.  Place the deshelled jumbo shrimp and Johnsonville andouille sausage coins in another foil packet.

We sprinkled equal parts Cajun seasoning and Penzey’s Ruth Ann’s Chicken and Fish seasoning on both packets, but any good seasoning blend works.

The corn and potatoes need to cook for about 40 minutes on high heat and the shrimp and sausage cooks for about 20 minutes on medium heat. Flip the packets occasionally while cooking to avoid one side getting burnt (we forget this crucial step until near the end. It was still good, just a little crispier on one side).

To make the remoulade dipping sauce, mix: 1 ¼ cups mayo, ¼ cup mustard, 1 tbs paprika, 1-2 tsp Cajun seasoning, 2 tsp horseradish, 1 tsp sweet pickle juice, 1 tsp hot sauce and 1 tsp garlic powder. I recommend making the dipping sauce a day in advance so the flavors can meld.

Once the food is ready, pull it off the grill and open up the foil packets. Everything should be steamed perfectly. Dip in the remoulade sauce and enjoy!

As with all grilling, this recipe can be altered as needed.  We were fortunate enough to have good heat from coals and a grate at the campsite.

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