Tesla Autopilot Feature Predicts a Crash, Avoiding Collision

Tesla Autopilot Feature Predicts a Crash, Avoiding Collision

Some of you may already have seen this video of a Tesla vehicle in autopilot mode correctly predicting a collision was going to occur based on slowdown of the vehicles ahead.  The Tesla autopilot feature beeps moments before the crash occurred, slowed down and avoided a crash.  The vehicle in front of the Tesla was not as fortunate and slammed into the rear of the vehicle in front of it.  Tesla autopilot crash features may seem like the next wave of technology that will be common in cars in the future.

This breakthrough in technology is very exciting from a safety standpoint.  As drivers, we are limited to the field of vision of where we look and can look.  The Tesla vehicle in autopilot mode has the ability to sense a slowdown in several vehicles in front of it, thus correctly predicting traffic is going to slow or stop.

The issue with this technology is people can become too reliant on Tesla’s autopilot feature to predict a crash and avoid a collision.  The technology is not perfect and some level of human input may be required when the computer does not know exactly what to do.

The video shows a major problem in the driving of the red vehicle directly in front of the Tesla.  If you notice, the red vehicle and the vehicle in front of it did not leave sufficient room between the car in front of it.  The Tesla kept a safe distance from the red vehicle and, with the help of the advance notice of slowing traffic, was able to brake in time.  The red vehicle and the van/SUV in front of the red vehicle had less than one car length between the vehicle in front.  As such, the ability to stop suddenly for traffic ahead is much more difficult.  In this case, neither vehicle stopped, causing harm to the individuals within the vehicles and to the vehicles themselves.  While we are still some time away from everyone using a the Tesla technology, it is important to drive safely to avoid collisions.

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