Tickets, Debtor’s Prison, Summer Fun

Tickets, Debtor’s Prison, Summer Fun

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  • I Received a Speeding Ticket But I Was Not Speeding!
  • Missouri Close to Eliminating “Debtor’s Prisons”
  • Just for Fun: Summer Activities

I Received a Speeding Ticket but I was not Speeding, What Do I Do?

At the Law Offices of Tarun B. Rana, we handle a significant amount of traffic cases. A common complaint is “I was not [insert traffic offense], so I want to fight it!” Unfortunately, most of the time, this is not a financially prudent option. For example, as the video below from The Late Show with Seth Meyers illustrates, the defendant paid $1,000 in attorney’s fees plus time to prove he was not on his cell phone when he could have paid off the ticket for $300.

In general, try not to speed or violate other traffic laws, but if you do, and it is a moving violation, call our office to get more information about getting the ticket amended to a no-point, non-moving violation to avoid an increase in your insurance rate.

Missouri Close to Eliminating “Debtor’s Prisons”

Missouri House Bill 192, which is now awaiting Governor Parsons’ signature, would repeal the statutes judges use to imprison citizens who cannot pay court fines. This is an important issue which impacts many hardworking people. Sometimes, it is difficult to break the cycle of imprisonment when a defendant is thrown in jail and then charged for the time they are locked up. While this bill does not eliminate fines for breaking the law, it does eliminate fines as a condition of probation or a reason for issuing a warrant. The bill is another step in the right direction for criminal justice reform and it takes some of the burden away from citizens of marginalized and impoverished communities. Ultimately, it is far better to give people the freedom to work, pay taxes and support their families rather than trapping them in an endless loop of fines and imprisonment.

Just for Fun: Summer Activities

Unfortunately, due to my busy trial calendar this summer, I have not been able to get out much. While I do not love working this much during the best weather St. Louis has to offer, it honestly is well worth it to be fighting for several of my severely injured clients. Just because I cannot make it out does not mean you should not take advantage of all the free events that are offered around St. Louis. Below are three free events I have enjoyed attending in the past. So, pack up those snacks, grab a picnic blanket and hit the town!

Tuesdays through Sundays: Shakespeare in the Park in Forest Park

Wednesdays: Whitaker Music Festival at the Missouri Botanical Garden

Fridays: Jungle Boogie at the Zoo

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