Red Cars, Social Media, Spring Time

Red Cars, Social Media, Spring Time

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  • What Impacts Your Insurance Premiums?
  • Social Media & Your Injury Claim
  • Happy Spring

What Impacts Your Insurance Premiums?

Is it true a red car costs more to insure?  No!  The color of a vehicle, even one as bold as the one pictured, does not determine insurance rates.  Factors such as driving history (any moving violations from traffic tickets or automobile crashes), the make and model of the vehicle (both in terms of flashiness and in terms of value), who will drive the vehicle (multiple or just one and the ages of the drivers), amount of driving (five miles roundtrip to and from work vs. a two hour commute) and types of coverage (limits of insurance coverage and full/collision coverage) all play a part in the cost of insurance.  With all these factors in play, it is important to compare multiple insurance quotes.  I recommend price shopping annually, since most insurers do not reward customers for their loyalty.  With the ease of online quotes, there is no excuse to shop around for the best coverage you can afford!  And as always, if you need help selecting the amounts of coverage based on your specific needs, let me know and I am happy to offer my advice, free of charge!

Social Media & Your Injury Claim

Everyone is on social media these days and people tend to post what happens in their life.  Is it a good idea for someone who is injured in a personal injury or workmen’s compensation case to post something about their injury claim such as “I was just in an accident.  I barely made it out alive”?  No!  In fact, as soon as an injured person makes a claim or files a work injury, the insurance company will look at their social media profile for things that may undercut their case. For instance, if the injured party says he or she is in constant pain and can hardly get out of bed but posts a smiling family vacation photo, get ready for that photo to be used against the person and taken out of context.  What the posted photo fails to show is how the person was doing before and after the ‘camera click’.  Just because a person was camera ready does not mean they did not pay for it later.  The problem is the insurance companies knows they can take a few posts out of context in an attempt to show a jury that the injury victim is a liar, a faker and a cheat.  None of it may be true, but that opening can lead to a jury turning against the injured person.

Even if a person’s injuries are not too serious, it is a good idea to turn social media accounts to private or to friends and family only.  This is great advice not just for a potential case but for life in general.  Many of us have heard about someone getting fired because an employer found something posted that did not quite put the person in the best light.  Similarly, you may have heard of people who become famous and a post or tweet from years ago comes back to bite them.  I recommend changing privacy settings to a restricted level and NOT posting anything that could be used negatively in the future.

Happy Spring

The weather last weekend was a perfect taste of spring that could not have come at a better time.  Lots of people had the opportunity to enjoy the spring flowers, hunt for Easter eggs or celebrate Sunday service either indoors with safety protocols or outside on parish parking lots.  It seems like there are many more reasons to be hopeful this year compared to last.  I, for one, was very happy to be able to spend Easter with my niece and nephew in Chicago who I have not seen in person since the pandemic started.  Facetime just was not the same.  Hope you all had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather and some family time.

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