Social Media and Your Injury Claim

Social Media and Your Injury Claim

Social Media and Your Injury Claim

Everyone is on social media and so what if an injured person posts something about their injury claim such as “I was just in an accident.  I barely made it out alive”, that is OK, right?  Wrong.  As soon as an injured person makes a claim, the insurance company will look at their social media profile for things that may undercut their case. For instance, if the person says he is in constant pain and can hardly get out of bed but there is a photo of him on vacation smiling with his family, get ready for that photo to be used against the person and taken out of context.  What this photo fails to show is how the person was doing before and after the photo.  Just because a person was camera ready does not mean he did not pay for it later.  The problem is the insurance companies knows they can take a few items out of context and put the person on blast in front of a jury to show that he is a liar, a faker and a cheat.  None of it may be true but that opening can lead to a jury turning against the injured person.

Even if a person’s injuries are not too serious, it is a good idea to turn social media accounts to private or to friends and family only.  This is great advice not just for a potential case but for life in general.  Many of us have heard about someone getting fired because an employer or potential employer found something posted that did not quite put the person in the best light.  Or you may have heard of people who get into the spotlight and a post or tweet from 12 years ago comes back to bite them.  As a society, we are too reliant on social media and what we did or do can have serious consequences.  Set your privacy settings to a restricted level and do NOT post everything about your life online.

Injury cases are tough for the person.  There is no reason to make it even more difficult by a social media post that is taken out of context.

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