Waiver/Assumption of Risk

Waiver/Assumption of Risk

Waiver/Assumption of Risk

With the weather turning colder, many families and organizations turn to indoor recreational activities, such as climbing gyms, bounce places and trampoline parks, or individuals start going to workout facilities, such as gyms or fitness centers, to meet their New Year’s resolutions.  While the liability and waiver issues tend to be similar for all of these types of facilities, I am focusing on trampoline parks because they were in the news recently.  While these types of places can be fun, they are inherently very dangerous and can lead to serious injuries.  According to a CBS news story, participation can lead to “catastrophic injuries”, such as broken bones and even death, all while doing activities that seem fun at the time.

Many of these places require participants to sign liability waivers and, if they get sued, defend these types of cases by saying the user assumed the risk and waived away liability.  However, a knowledgeable attorney can help with these arguments.  When you go, exercise extreme caution, follow all safety rules and carefully read the liability waiver.  If an injury occurs, document the injury with the facility, get immediate medical attention and then call our office to get free legal advice.


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