What is a trial lawyer?

What is a trial lawyer?

What is a trial lawyer?  According to Thomas Strong, lawyer and author of the book “Strong Advocate: the Life of a Trial Lawyer”, trial lawyers are not money-grubbing filers of frivolous lawsuits that impede progress and business and hurt us all (as some would have you believe).  Rather, Strong believes “[i]n addition to the right not to be mistreated by our government, Americans have the right not to be injured or killed by the wrongful act of another.  Trial lawyers seek redress for such wrongs.  We are the voice of the sick and injured, who otherwise would have no voice.  Because we speak for the injured, our highways, skies, workplaces and products are safer now than ever before.  Because our clients are unorganized and have no lobby, we are their advocates in our state and national capitals.  We fight for the weak and the wronged in legislative halls and courthouses across our land.  We have courage, ethics, character and integrity.  Our wits, tenacity, talent and sweat are our weapons…”

So what is a trial lawyer?  Simply stated, a trial lawyer works to make your community safer.

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